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Written by CriCri

There was a cheat to remove the censor grid, but from the first expansion (University) it stopped to work. So now how can you remove the anti-aesthetic grid? Read here below!

In the first times, when The Sims 2 has just been launched, you just needed to insert the cheat:

intProp censorgridsize 0

and the censor grid went out. But with the base game patch and expansions installation, this cheat will be deactivated.

Now, if you want to turn off the censor, you need to use SimPE or just download the no-censor hack.


Download the no-censor hack

on this page on the SimPE site found 3 files, you need to download only 1, and depends on which version of the game you have.

  • if you have The Sims 2 Base, University or Nightlife you need the first file
  • if you have Open for Business, Family Fun Stuff or Glamour Stuff you need the second file
  • if you have Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, FreeTime, or Apartament Life you need the third file

Note: If you have University, Open for Business and Pets, you must download the third file, not all three.

After downloading, you just need to extract the .package from the .zip and put the file under Downloads directory, as you do for clothes, hair, etc. ... (In case you had not yet figured out how to do step by step instructions found here).

Remove the censor-grid using SimPE

If you do not feel like downloading files, or maybe the download does not work and you have SimPE , you can remove the censor grid through the program settings.

  1. Start SimPE
  2. Go to the menu Extras → Preferences
  3. Now  click on the left column SimPE Settings
  4. Select / Deselect Blur nudity 
  5. Press OK and confirm the pop-up window that appears.

    Censor simpe.gif

    Note: If you remove the check mark you will remove the censor, if you put the check mark you will activate censor grid again