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Written by CriCri Tuesday, 24 June 2008 01:38

The Sims 2 Ikea stuff


The producers of The Sims 2 have really surprised us when announced the releasing of a bonus pack entirely dedicated to IKEA merchandise. This pack, in fact, not only has been released right after the Kitchen & Bath Stuff (in contrast with the tradition for which a bonus pack always follows an expansion pack), but it also follows the “brand stuff pack” strand already launched with H&M Fashion Stuff, where popular and famous items we can find in real store, are reproduced for our Sims.
IKEA Home Stuff has been warmly welcomed by many players who maybe have their own houses provided with IKEA furniture, and so can reproduce a drop of their everyday reality in Pleasantview or Strangehood. This pack includes, as usual, 60 items from sofas to beds, from rugs to paintings. Everything has been accurately reproduced, and the items provided belong to the newest collection made by IKEA; we’ll find, then, the lovely red-armed heart-shaped pillow, the “wavy” shelves and the modern and minimalist beds. If you are IKEA customers, then you can’t miss this pack!

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Sims 2 Screenshot Sims 2 Screenshot
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